Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Aielli Ristorante

My two best friends took me out to celebrate my 30th birthday!

Of course, I only just turned 26 in November... but that's beside the point. 

A girls' night out always warrant an occasion (even if it's fake...) We chose Aielli Ristorante in Mississauga, a kind of fancy (yet not expensive) Italian restaurant in Port Credit. 

The food was delicious. 

The atmosphere was a bit more pretentious than was actually warranted by the menu, but it made for a nice dining experience and I would go back happily. I'd recommend it for a date night, or a girls night out.

The interior of the restaurant is painted with frescoes featuring famous Italian works and themes. We were seated near the bar, and a certain smiling lady watched me throughout dinner.

The menu was extensive, the wine list more so. We asked for help with our wine and then tucked in to the menu. They offer both large and small plate pastas, so you have more freedom to order multiple things, or a pasta as an appetizer.

This was my original plan, but then the menu choices were overwhelming. Luckily I think I made the right call.

For my starter, I ordered the Spicy Pan Calamari, cooked in roasted tomatoes, garlic and served with full caper berries. It was miraculous.

Marlo and Rebecca shared something called "Trust the Chef" where you receive 3 samples off the appetizer menu. They were served a prosciutto wrapped asparagus on cucumber, the Mista Salad, and the Mushroom Medley. It looked delicious.

Can I take a sec' to talk about these two lovely ladies? Rebecca and Marlo have been my best friends since the 10th grade, and Kindergarten (respectively). We've been present for just about every major event in each others lives. Boyfriends, misdemeanors, birthdays, travelling the world, weddings, exam prep, house buying... you get the picture.

Can't picture my life without these two kooks... who of course were the ones who told the restaurant it was my birthday.

I'll forgive them though, because they're so pretty.

We tucked into our food (and our second bottle of wine). I ordered the Veal Scaloppini, served with a baked ziti pasta and roasted vegetables. It was fantastic!

None of us felt much like dessert, but we thought we'd peruse the menu anyway. Even though I was stuffed, our waiter assured me that my dessert was on the house, since it was my 30th birthday.

What's a girl to do but order a Crème brûlée and three spoons?

I think I look pretty good for 30!

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