Monday, December 29, 2014

Favourite Christmas Gifts - Thanks a Bunch Tag!

I was recently tagged by Nikki at Dollar Store Diva to post about my top Christmas Present!

Much like Nikki, I will be picking 3 gifts (I really can’t chose). I received so many wonderful presents this year and was truly spoiled, but if I need to pick, here are my top 3!
1) Cannon Rebel EOS SL1 DSLR – SO excited! I wasn't expecting this one (though I’d kind of hoped). 

My old DSLR was a hand-me-down and while it took great pictures, it was a bit bulky, and wasn't up to date on features like Bluetooth, or remote control capability. Not only am I in love with the gift, but also my parent’s faith that I could become (as my dad put it) a “Pinterest Ninja”.

Of course this is going to be used for Blogging, blogging and some more blogging! As well as travel, life, and any time I feel the need to snap a shot. Get ready for some photo heavy posts on the Blog in the New Year!

2) Kate Spade Clutch – This fabulous gift was a real surprise! It wasn't something I’d asked for (though I’d mentioned it in passing) and Kris surprised me with it. 

I love all things Kate Spade, and this is exactly what I would have picked out for myself, right pattern, right colour, right size!

I really wanted a hard case clutch that I can use for running about, dinners and nights out. Most importantly though I wanted it to have a good sized chain so that I didn't need to hold it all night! Sometimes it’s nice to just sling your clutch on your shoulder instead. It’s my new go-to evening bag!

3) Wilfrid Daria Leggings – These beauties actually made my wish list guide! I was so happy to open them; I had plans to purchase them on Boxing Day if they weren't under the tree, so they are a COVETED item!

These tights are amazing, not only because they add a serious “cool” factor to an outfit, but also because they are comfy, warm and high wasted! They kept the turkey in check on Christmas Day, while not making me look too casual. Awesome.

These have already been used (plenty) but I will use mainly for pub nights/casual dinners/day dates, and probably every concert from now until the end of time. HIGHLY recommended.

Thanks Nikki for tagging me in this post! Now it’s time to share the love! I’m going to tag the lovely ladies from Salty Blondes as well as Joanne from NYC Fit Food Fashion! Can’t wait to see what you ladies have in store! Here are the rules: