Saturday, November 15, 2014

Nervosa Trattoria - Birthday Girls on the Town Part 2

After our fabulous birthday event at Anthropologie, the girls and I went across the street to Nervosa TrattoriaYorkville's fabulous Italian restaurant. 

This is one of my favourite spots to go in the city. The atmosphere is incredibly cozy and the food is delicious. 

We quickly picked a wine so we could enjoy a beverage while we perused over the menu. 

I ended up ordering a delicious seafood pasta, while the girls each picked out a pizza.

Full to the brim, we couldn't say no to cappuccinos and dessert! 

Tara and I opted for a frozen lemon curd with pistachio dish, where Nela went with an orange custard with fruit.

And of course our beautiful coffees to give us the energy to leave the restaurant, as I'm pretty sure I could have just curled up on my chair and stayed all night!

The three of us had a fabulous birthday celebration. While much more low key than last year, I wouldn't have traded it for anything.

Happy Birthday Girls!

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