Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How To: Make your own Beer Advent Calendar

*** This post was originally published on Nov 29, 2014. I've given it a little reboot for 2016 since I still make one of these for Kris every year. Also last year he made me one with WINE. So think on that variation! ***

Sometimes the best surprises don't arrive on Christmas Morning. Sometimes they arrive in the daily gifts from your advent calendar in those anticipation filled weeks leading up to the holidays!

Well, just because you're an "adult", doesn't mean that you can't get in on all the fun you had when you were a kid.

Today I'll be showing you how to make your very own Beer Advent Calendar for the beer lover in your life (or yourself, no judgement!) to have a more adult themed countdown to Christmas Day.

This little how to project took me about an hour and a half. Total cost? Well I spent a bit more money on beer than I needed to ($70) to get 6 "unique" beers, but if you wanted to go the 24-pack of beer route, it would be half that! 

The rest of the supplies cost about $20 (including the candy) so all-in was less than $100 (or $50 if you go light on the beer) 

Here's how to do it!


Beer! Of course... 

I decided to get three 6-packs of some favourites, and then mix it up with 6 more interesting beers. Plus a big Heineken for Christmas Eve!

For the rest of your supplies you'll need:
  • Tissue Paper
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Ribbon or Twine (I went with Candy Cane Twine - festive!)
  • 24 Gift Tags
  • Candy and 24 Candy-Bags (If you're doing morning candy also)

And, of course, a Box to put it all in! - make sure the box you have fits all the beer. I had to try two boxes before I got the right fit.

You can pick up a lot of this stuff at the dollar store, saving you a bundle!

Got your supplies? Good! Let's get Crafting!


1) Build a Box

If your box has flaps, cut the flaps off, then set aside for later! Once your box is "flapless" wrap using your wrapping paper both inside and out. Then set aside while you work on the fillers!

2) Candy! 

This is an optional step. 

When I mentioned to Kris I wanted to build him a Beer Advent Calendar (because he can't have regular ones, "may contain nuts") he lamented that I would be eating my regular chocolate one in the morning, and he can't have beer before work (quitter). 

So I decided to wrap up a bit of Candy every day and tie it to the bottle. Candy before work, Beer after work.

Take your candy (I bought 4 types) and separate into 24 goody bags. Secure with twist ties. You'll also want to snip off any extra at the top of the bag, to make them a bit shorter (though not too short!).

Easy Peasy! set aside and then move on to the next step!

3) Wrapping your beer

Take one of your beers and place in the middle of a piece of tissue paper. Pull the paper up over the beer to cover it and secure with your twine in two places: first, where the bottle meets the neck; second, near the top of the bottle to cover.

Make sure when you cut your twine to leave enough excess to tie a bow, or attach your gift tags.

4) Make your date tags! 

Take each tag and number from 1 to 24. I also wrote a message on the back of each one, might as well make each morning that much better!

Who doesn't love a morning love note? Or one after a hard day at work?

5) Secure it all together! 

Tie a bow on the lower piece of twine, and then tie your tag to the top piece (I just looped and knotted) so that it hangs a little long. Then, attach your candy to the bottle, either with a twist tie (what I did) or more of your twine.

6) Put it All Together 

Now that you've got all of your bottles assembled, time to put them in the wrapped-box and finish your calendar!

Line them up in rows so they fit! 

Remember the flaps from earlier? Well I wrapped mine up and taped them into the box to create 5 distinct rows. That way if we move the box around the bottles aren't smashing all over the place.

Make sure that when you're putting your bottles in, they're in a random order! Makes it more of a search! 

Pull all your tags out to the top so they're visible.

Voila! You're done! And you are extremely thoughtful and wonderful in the eyes of whoever you made this calendar for (even if it's you)!

Cheers and Happy Holidays!