Saturday, November 15, 2014

Anthropologie Birthday Party - Birthday Girls on the Town Part 1

My Birthday is coming up on November 21st!

I'm one of those people who love my birthday. I can't help it, call me vain, but a day that's all about me is pretty phenomenal.

So when I received my annual birthday card from Anthropologie with an invitation to attend a Birthday Party at their Yorkville location, I was pretty excited. 

You might say I have a bit of an Anthropologie obsession...

I quickly contacted my friend's Nela and Tara who also have November birthdays and we decided to hit up the store, then go out for a nice birthday dinner.

Last year, we celebrated by throwing an 80 person birthday bash with all of our friends, in the theme of "James Bond". An incredible bash but it took about 2 months to plan, so a laid back Italian dinner in Yorkville sounded much better.

We met up at Anthropologie around 6 and were greeted at the door and given adorable pinwheel pins so we would be identified as "birthday party attendees" in the store. We were told that, in addition to the 25% off on dresses and jewelry that day, we would also receive 15% off our entire purchase. 

Excuse me while I reminisce about picking my jaw off the floor before skipping into the store.

We were directed over to the "Birthday Celebration Area" where our assigned stylist was waiting with drinks, salted caramel chocolates and donuts. I was in heaven. 

Shopping at my favourite store AND donuts? Pinch me.

After taking a caramel (or two) we started wandering the store.

While the clothes were the main event, the gorgeous Christmas ornaments could not be overlooked.

This fedora was beautiful, but the mirror had me in shatters on whether or not I should buy it!

Deciding I literally couldn't hold any more, I popped into the fitting room to try some things on

Loved this dress, but unfortunately they were all out of my sixe. Would have been great for holiday parties!

This dress was a real winner! I instantly decided I needed it for my Birthday Dinner next week. Not only is it flattering and comfortable, but it has POCKETS! The dress is by Maeve, one of my favourite brands that Anthropologie carries

Love this dress! The Apogeo Column Dress by Bailey 44 comes in two smokey colours and is able to be worn down past the knee or ruched up like in the photo! This is a dress that makes you feel like it was made just for you.

Don't be green with envy! I ended up wearing this blouse out of the store to celebrate the fabulous Anthropologie Birthday Event!

A monthly occurrence for all Anthropologie card carriers! Depending on your store, apparently they occasionally do a "lock in" for guests only, but with 6 weeks to Christmas in one of their flagship stores, we weren't shocked that we didn't receive that luxury. Still, a fabulous time and I highly recommend it if you're a regular Anthropologie shopper!

Wallets considerably lighter, we went across the street to Nervosa Trattoria, Yorkville's fabulous Italian restaurant!

Read on for Part Two of our Birthday Girls on the Town event!