Thursday, October 23, 2014

Work Potluck

I work in a pretty social office. 

Not to get to into what I actually do for a living to pay the bills, but I head up the marketing and promotions (affiliate management, occasional project management, SEO, social, blah-di-blah) for a company that develops online gaming software. Specifically, online Bingo!

It's pretty cool, pretty technical, and everyone is really wonderful and creative. By happy coincidence, everyone also loves to EAT! we're big foodies, a bunch of us love to cook and/or are avid gardeners. This leads to some pretty fabulous lunches and snacks being brought in. But every now and then we get together and do a chili cook off, and appetizer cook off, or just a plain old pot luck. 

Yesterday we had our "not thanksgiving" pot luck. The office smelt of garlic, onions, curry, pulled pork, and just about every tasty thing you could imagine. One of the guys suggested we should "give up on gaming and open a restaurant"

He may have a point

Everything was delicious! I had to go back twice just to try everything because I couldn't fit it all on my plate!

We had pierogies, pakoras, cesar salad, pulled pork fajitas, home baked mac and cheese, dhal and chicken curries, chips and dip, and more!

I made two contributions. The first was my garlic smashed potatoes for the lunch stuff, as well as my chewy ginger cookies for dessert.

and speaking of dessert...

Fruit tray, ice cream cake, cookies, cupcakes, chocolate cake. What more could a girl ask for?

I was so full after lunch I didn't need dinner (which is good because I packed up some of the many leftovers to bring home for Kris so I didn't have to cook). Normally I don't like to gorge myself like that, but it was well worth it.

I'm thinking we need to start that restaurant.