Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dunk 'n Dip

The other night, Steph and I decided to try out our Local Fondue restaurant, Dunk ‘n Dip.

A perfect cozy find, just in time for winter!

Dunk ‘n Dip is located just east of Hurontario on Lakeshore. You can make reservations for tables of 2 or more. If you know you’re heading over I’d suggest calling ahead, we had a 30 minute wait, at 8pm, on a Sunday.

This turned out to be completely worthwhile.

Dunk ‘n Dip specializes in Fondue, and other dessert related foods. You can also get savory crepes and waffles (Check out their "WaffleBurger Sandwhich") or delicious gelato.

The inside of the restaurant is a bit like an ice cream parlour meets cocktail lounge - though unfortunately they don't have a liquor license. They settled us into the back corner by the fireplace, where we were kept nice and toasty while we ordered and devoured our chocolate.

 We opted to go for some classic options off the menu. We ordered the "Love Me Tender" - a fruit tray with warm melted milk chocolate, and the "Eclair On The Stick" - fresh éclairs with warm melted dark chocolate.

We also picked some tasty drinks. Steph had a London Fog (which looked great), whereas I opted for the "American Marshmallow Hot Chocolate" – fresh melted chocolate (white, milk or dark) in steamed milk with a pile of whipped cream and tasty marshmallows.

Looks and tastes like heaven.

Everything was phenomenal, it took us a really long time to decide what we wanted off the menu, and any time someone else got their food we were jealous. It’s definitely a “sharesies” kind of place though so you can try lots (though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about just going to get another hot chocolate… maybe some more éclairs).

If you're in Port Credit, Dunk ‘n Dip gets top marks for a nice friends or date night retreat!


While perusing the website for Dunk 'n Dip, I also noticed that they are a supporter of "Suspended Coffees", which is a pay it forward charity where patrons can pay for a coffee in advance, and then someone in need can receive that coffee later for free. 

This is a growing and worthwhile movement. Please check to see if any of your local spots offer this service and pay it forward!