Friday, August 22, 2014

Shoe Challenge - Update 3

The Shoe Challenge is getting fierce!

I'm officially at 32 pairs of shoes... I've worn one of my two "purchased" pairs, and I'm ahead by several days... But I'm getting close to the end.

We've got a lot of weeks to catch up on (4, I've been updating poorly) so let's get started!

Week 4:

Week 4 was all about wearing black shoes. Only a four day week so I only needed four pairs!

Monday: Black kitten heeled shoes. These are my go to for meetings, interviews, etc. comfortable and dressy!
Tuesday: Black 2" pointy toe shoes. A classic that everyone needs in their wardrobe 
Wednesday: Black 3" Michael Kors heels with silver buckle. These shoes are sooo uncomfortable.
Thursday: Black Ballet flats! I actually bought these to wear as my dancing shoes at weddings when it's time to party and I don't want fancy footwear anymore

Week 5:

Week 5 was another four day week following the August long weekend, so again only 4 pairs. 

Tuesday: Kicked off the week with the shoes I wore in Rebecca's Wedding last July when i was her M.O.H. Read my rules about shoe purchases for bridesmaids here
Wednesday: Black and white striped wedge espadrilles.
Thursday: One of my fav. pairs! Vince Camuto Black sling backs with snake skin toe! Gorgeous.
Friday: Kind of phoned it in on this one.. white flip flops (though nice ones). 

Week 6: 

Week 6 was another short week, but things were starting to get a little hectic. I was counting ahead and worried my competition might catch me! Started to pull out some of the shoes (Thursday's) You wouldn't normally catch me out of the house in.

Monday: Brown Gladiator sandals. Not ashamed to admit that these are my summer go-to
Tuesday: Brown slingback heels with bow... These one's were found in the back of my closet and will likely be donated after this competition.
Wednesday: These are NOT being donated, EVER! Pale blue Vince Camuto Sling back Wedges. Favourite.
Thursday: Grey kicks... like I said, kind of phoned it in. Had to wash drywall dust off them in the morning but I DON'T want to lose!

Week 7:

Week 7 was my last full week I think... you can probably tell because I wore running shoes and rain boots two of the days...

Monday: My blue runners! I had been hosting a bachelorette party all weekend so when I woke up on Monday, all I wanted was comfort and something easy!
Tuesday: My black polka dotted rain boots! I love them, and my mommy has a matching pair which is the best part
Wednesday: Black heeled short booties.
Thursday: These I've had for a while, black triangle-heel boots with studs. Totally 80s and fabulous
Friday: These were one of my two purchased pairs! I love them, they are all shiny and new. Snake Skin and Black 3" heels. Two Tone is making me so happy these days.

Reaching the end! I only have one update left in me, and it will probably be next week or the week after... Unless I make it to September first because then my fall boots become fair game... then this might go on a little while longer!

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