Saturday, August 9, 2014

Boat Trip to Gilly's

This weekend I have my parents all to myself up north. It's nice, especially now that I don't live at home, to get to spend more one on one time with them.

After a morning of work, organizing and cleaning, we decided that we should take an afternoon trip over to Gilly's for fish and chips!

Gilly's has been at Snug Harbour near Killbear Provincial Park and Parry Sound since 2002, (though there was a restaurant/inn on the site previously since 1987). It is THE place to go to get fish and chips!

From our bay, we can either drive (20 minutes) or boat (90 minutes). Since it was so beautiful today, the three of us piled into the boat with some water bottles and headed off for a nautical adventure!

When we finally arrived at Gilly's we were starving! 

We arrived at about 4:30, a bit early for dinner but by 5 pm the place was hoppin' and the patio was full of people waiting with pints! (Steam Whistle on tap!)

Inside, the restaurant is just a cute, open rafter building, that seats about 75. Just family sized tables galore, packed to the brim with cottagers. I loved how cozy and casual it was. 

The food? Phenomenal! We had the pan fried whitefish (though my dad had it beer battered) I went with traditional fries, but mom had a delightful salad with fresh blueberries that complimented the fish nicely. 

Because they pull the fish right out of Georgian Bay, they occasionally won't have all the varieties. We were lucky that today they had whitefish (it always seems to go first) but you can also get pickerel (yumm!) perch and trout.

After a delicious meal, it was time for the three of us to head back to Rock Bought'em, just as the sun was making its way from afternoon to evening for a gorgeous ride home.