Monday, July 28, 2014

The Shoe Challenge - Update 2

The Shoe Challenge is now in to week 4! 

We've had only one drop out so far, but I think we're in for a few next week... I of course am still going strong.

What I've learned from the second two weeks:

  • Most of my techniques from my first update have gone right out the window, for a variety of reasons from "recovering from the wedding" to "just don't go with my outfit". However I've still managed to get a good mix of comfy and heeled in there
  • I have some accidental colour coordination going on week by week... you'll see what I mean when you look at the photos (coincidentally, I've decided to wear only black shoes this week for the heck of it!)
  • I have a very nice shoe collection. It's versatile, it's fun, and people seem to really like what I put on my feet.

Without further ado, here are the past two weeks of shoes!

Week 2:

As you can see, week one was very blue and floral, week two was very pink and neutral! I don't know how this happened but there you have it. From left to right we have

Monday: My bridesmaid shoes for September, soft pink pumps
Tuesday: Brown dock shoes (wedged), super cozy!
Wednesday: Red pointy toe pumps. Love these but they are NOT comfortable
Thursday: Two-Toned pink and neutral sandal wedges. My new summer favourite!
Friday: White strappy wedges. I wore these to a wedding the next day and wanted to walk them about first

Week Three:

This week was kind of all over the place. I started comfy when I was in wedding recovery, then when through a good green/silver (Slytherin) heels phase. Finishing off the week with my MOST comfortable shoes, because I was headed up to the cottage after work!

From left to right:

Monday: Red-Pink flats with flower on toe
Tuesday: One of my most favourite pairs, the Vince Camuto, Bottle Green, Callea Mary Jane Pump. Never has a pair of shoes made me feel so sexy while being SO comfortable. Win.
Wednesday: Silver wedge sandals. These are really cushy, I used to wear them 8 hour retail shifts with no issue at all
Thursday: Silver Stilettos... confession time, these were my prom shoes. I still love them
Friday: Birkenstocks! of course! I was headed to the cottage!

Hopefully by my next update in a couple weeks, we'll have lost a few people in the challenge. Competition is still pretty stiff! I have yet to buy my two designated pairs though, I may decide to treat myself though in the name of competition ;)