Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Shoe Challenge – Take Two

A few years ago, one of the women at my office participated in a “Shoe Challenge” where she had to wear a different pair of “Work Appropriate” shoes every day for 30 work days. Wagers were placed, and in the end she was able to do it (with shoes to spare) – Read all about it here!

We were discussing the challenge this morning and decided that we would try again, only this time it would be to discover who had the MOST shoes.

With 5 women and 1 man competing, we've come up with a few ground rules, slightly different from the last time this was done, to account for the fact that it’s summer and not a “transitional season” where boots would be acceptable.

  •         No Plastic Flip Flops
  •         No winter boots
  •         No Crocs
  •       No Slippers
  •       Each participant is allowed to buy shoes during the experiment, but only two new pairs will be included as part of the total
  •       Shoes must be worn on consecutive work days, a different pair every day

The winner will be determined as the participant who can go the most number of days with different shoes. The challenge will continue until the last person runs out of footwear.

The Shoe Challenge will commence on Monday July 7th. I'll be sure to update regularly!

Wish me Luck!