Friday, July 11, 2014

Cottage Weekend - Part 2: Deck, Hikes and Indoor Activities

As much as my friends and I could have spent all weekend by the water, my dock is pretty small for 10-14 people, and there’s only so many times you can water ski!

Luckily, last fall my parents built a beautiful wraparound porch for the cabin, which gave us ample space for some pre-dinner snacks and activities.

While most of us read, there was also some delicious 7 layer dip to snack on… and a few hard core Netherlands fans checking the score…

After dinner the bugs chased us inside (no screened in room just yet) so we hunkered down in the main room for an epic game of Cards Against Humanity and drinks! If you haven’t played this game yet… I’m not entirely sure we can be friends. Look it up here!

On Sunday, before everyone left for the day, we walked away from the water and into the woods! 

My cottage is sitting on about 6.5 acres of what was previously virgin forest. We've cleared the area we live in, but most of it is still pretty wild. There’s plenty of deer, porcupines, grouse, bears, owls, wood peckers, trees, boulders, cliffs and natural meadows to enjoy!

And of course some great rest spots for when you've just had enough…

Chris is gettin' too old for this ****

After our hike most people left for the day, Kris, Nela, Jameson and myself stuck around for a couple hours to enjoy a game of President and a glass of wine, a relaxing end to a beautiful weekend.

Plus my friend Kiernan left his glasses, so we indulged in a hilarious photo op (I couldn't keep a straight face… he is SO blind)

Thanks to all of my lovely friends for a fantastic weekend, and to my parents for giving up a weekend up at the cottage so I could entertain. I already can’t wait for next summer!