Sunday, June 8, 2014

Gallery wall

I moved into my new apartment in February and was SHOCKED at how much space I suddenly had. I quickly filled it with furniture, but it was still incredible just how much white space there was on the walls.

A few quick trips to Ikea and Bouclaire cleared up some of that problem, but my dining room continued to look woefully empty

I decided to take on a project which I've been wanting to do for years. A gallery wall. 

When working on a gallery wall, you really need to have a strong idea in place of what you want to accomplish, once it's on the wall, there's a lot of dap and painting involved if you want to modify it. So when getting started, I hit up pinterest to get lots of ideas. 

I also made use of an awesome free app I download in the App Store, homestyler. This interior decorating app allows you to take pictures of your space and decorate with art and furniture, to get a feel for what looks good in the space. I was able to play around with shapes and colours, and then as I modified my concept, go back and visualize the changes. Even if you don't I have an interior project, I thoroughly recommend this app, it's a lot of fun!

Next came the "arts and crafts" bit. Or the part my boyfriend called "paper wall art". I made some decisions regarding my photos and then cut out pieces of paper in photo sizes and taped them to the wall. 

This was the most fun part of the project, there was a lot of wine drinking, and music listening (thank you Billy Joel!). I left it up on the wall for a few days in different forms, and moved things around as I changed my mind, until I had a good idea of what I wanted.

Then all there was left to do was buy frames and print photos! Originally my idea was to have all black frames, each one different. But when I got to Homesense my plans changed,  I ended up with a gorgeous mix of black and light blue/blue-green frames which I think compliment my dining room colours nicely. I also picked up a great round mirror to throw a different geometric element in.

One final placement check (thanks for letting me use your massive table mom) and I was ready to mount on the wall!

It's pretty, n'est pas?

I plan on finishing off the look with a nice black-brown sideboard underneath, for serving and cocktails!

This project took a while, but it can't stress how happy I am that I thought long and hard about how I wanted it to look, my photos and the placement. Also important was following the rule I of threes. I introduced three strange elements into the mix (the mirror, the hanging chalk I board, and a beautiful wooden wine crate top from Beaujolais my aunt stained and framed for me! Thanks auntie ev!)

All in all, I'm thrilled with the result!