Monday, June 9, 2014

Backyard Axe Throwing League – Our Day at BATL

This past weekend, one of my friends organized an activity which I have been excited to try now for a few months. Axe Throwing.

Toronto is home to BATL – the Backyard Axe Throwing League – which has a few locations throughout the city. For $40 a person you can book 3 hour blocks (WELL in advance, this place is really popular) and show up with a large group of friends to throw hatchets at targets, in a seeded tournament style game!

I don’t know if I can properly articulate just how much fun this was! I could not recommend it more highly as a way to spend an afternoon with some friends.

We went to the Sterling road location, which is the original and smaller of the two locations in the city. The guys working were really nice, they let us get some practice rounds in and then the tournament began!

We mostly threw small axes but for those in the playoffs who tied they went to a “sudden death” round where they threw proper wood chopping axes.

All in all we had a great afternoon! It’s BYOB as long as you don’t bring any glass bottles, and there’s lots of time to socialize while axes are being thrown. I recommend dressing comfortably; close toed shoes and short sleeves (it got REALLY hot)

We didn't think we were getting much of a workout, but when I woke up on Sunday my arms, back and core were DEFINITELY sore from use.

After the tournament it was time for one final group shot before we left.

If you’re interested in organizing an event, visit for all the details. There’s also a weeknight league, but there’s a LONG waiting list (we asked)!